The opportunity to travel to far locations are right now much more reachable than ever and is a spare time activity which a lot of enjoy when they have the opportunity either for short weekend trips or much longer holidays. The astounding scenery, wildlife, climate and quietness drags us like never before to get away from the hustle and bustle of our nerve-racking city standard of living. People are truly privileged to have got the opportunity of experiencing nature at its utmost which is still tender in its beauty.

With ownership of off road vehicles more frequent, heading out in our 4WD's Camper vans or UTE's is easier than it ever used to be and putting such vehicles truly to their original intended purpose, rather than clogging up shopping centre car parks! Whilst there are many experienced adventurers individuals and families who have racked up substantial off road experience there are more and more less experienced people who are venturing on such trips to unfamiliar territories and planning a safe enjoyable trip is essential for your group.

In high season it is common to hear of disasters and dire warnings from security road groups of the need to absolutely be prepared for your trip. These notification go much further than the obvious need to top up your oil and water and ensure your vehicle is roadworthy. The percentage of emergency evacuations is alarmingly high where city dwellers haven't heeded such advice and are quite blasé as they stride off down the highway.

The listing of important items and procedures is quite extensive and practical but few go the whole yard. Below are a few helpful simple suggestions of easy methods to be ready for your vacation:

Consider enough food for every person in your group for at least two days.

Form good quality road maps for your direction, preferably physical maps rather than basic maps printed off the internet.

Have plenty of drinking water but in smaller containers - not just one big tank and drink water regularly on your trip not at the last moment when an emergency attacks.

Take some matches or a lighter for those camp fires to help keep you warm - weather conditions will usually drop severely as sunset falls.

Check where the nearest small town is on your trip where you can replenish essential items and figure how far you could be from there at any time.

Secure yourself from the direct sun light using premium quality Ultra-violet sunscreen not cheap home brands and carry a wide brimmed hat to shade the intense day time sun.

At all times have a thoroughly examined survival first aid kit and be familiar with its contents doing a comprehensive check prior to going.

Be sure that your vehicle carries an adequate fire extinguisher for your safety either from the auto or truck or camping fires and so on.

Make sure you have adequate insurance for you 'and' your vehicle - do not take on possibilities.

With smart preparation right it's possible to genuinely enjoy the experience that nature has to offer but if you cut corners and make do, then tragedy or the need for evacuation could quite easily spoil a wonderful trip. Overseas visitors are particularly vulnerable - make best use of local organizations that can provide valuable advice, experience and free information.

There are various willing people pleased to help your trip and safe treasure memory.