The public never knows when something is going to go wrong, that is why it is best to carry an emergency first aid kit. This is to make sure that any surprise medical situations don't catch a person off guard. The best way for that is to always be prepared.

The kit has everything that is needed for a person to get well if they need medical care. The care can come when they least expect it, so having one in the car, home, etc can make a serious situation better. The kit is setup to be an assistant until professional medical help can get to the person.

The kit must always be around even on holidays, that is when the most issues seem to happen. On a vacation is also very important. The kit is to prepare for the unknown, and around every corner is the unknown.

The kit must always be supplied with the most updated items and fresh items. It must always have all of the items in it as well and be clean. If the kit is not clean, then it can cause more troubles than it cures.

It is must also be easy to handle. If the device was hard to deal with, then it would make the kit obsolete. It kit is suppose to be easy to deal with. If it is difficult, then it is not serving its purpose.

An emergency first aid kit is a valuable thing, but it has to be in the right spot. If it is not present when it is needed, then it is useless and doesn't serve a purpose. It is best when it is with the person on long trips that are away from the home. This is when an issue would first present itself and the kit would not be there. It is always best to be safe.