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Knowing Ear Candling Quickly

If you don't have ever suffered from plugged ears then it is hazy to understand how uncomfortable hurtful this difficulty could be.

Affected individuals complain of experiencing severe pressure inside the ear and they often feeling that the ear itself is irritated. There are several people who have the misfortune to suffer varying levels of soreness and others who even report a loss of ability to hear.

Oftentimes the key problem is not a serious medical problem but simply a build up of excess wax that has collected inside ear canal. However, there are numerous solutions out there that will help with the reduction of excess ear wax these types of products are chemical-based. Many individuals prefer to refrain from chemicals if possible and so various other healthy types of remedy are being discovered.

One other popular technique of cleaning up ears is to use cotton bud sticks however these can lead to additional complications then they solve as they can often push any wax further into the ear canal. In addition, sometimes the stick may be inserted too deep into the ear causing further complications.

The most popular natural treatment for blocked ears is a process called ear candling. Ear candling has been around for centuries dating back to the medieval times and beyond. Although people are curious as to how do ear candles work the actual process hasn't changed that much from how it was originally performed all those years ago.

It is actually perfectly safe but it is strongly recommended not to do ear candling on your own as it really does require the assistance of another person.

In contrast to regular candles, an ear candle is a hollow cylinder coated in wax. With the patient lying horizontally and sideways one of the ends of the candle is inserted into the affected ear. The other end of the candle is lit and the flame allowed to burn down for a while. Some prefer to push the candle through a paper plate beforehand so as to prevent the risk of candle wax dripping down the candle.

The actual lit candle creates a natural vacuum which helps to balance the pressure in the ear and it is this vacuum that then helps to loosen out any debris or ear wax that was build up inside the ear. Moreover patients report an instant improvement with their ear issues and general feeling of wellness right after the process.