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Somebody Safely Use Ear Candles for Kids?

Wax can build inside of the ears of just about anyone, including children. You might use ear candles for children, nevertheless you must be very cautious using them. They aren’t advisable for children below 6 yrs . old. 

Set the Stage

The entire process of ear candling for kids is the same as for adults. However, the child may have some anxiety because they don’t really know what is going to take place. Tell them the procedure so they are prepare for what will happen. Perhaps you can do the ears of an adult first and let the watch. You can also have them watch a video online so that they see what will take place. 

Get them Cozy 

Just before ear candles for children, make sure they are comfortable. Make them use the bathroom and get a drink. Have them lie on the couch so that their head is flat and you can use the candle successfully. Turn on cartoons or a video that will keep them interested so that you can complete the process. Give them a couple of minutes break time before you repeat the process on the other ear.

Listen closely 

Don’t get distracted when you use ear candling for kids. You don’t want to risk allowing the candle to burn too far and to burn them. Keep some water close by that you can put the candle into. A towel that you can use around the ear to keep the heat from being too much for them is also recommended. 

Another option is to use a paper plate with a hole cut in the middle of it. Slip the candle through the hole so that the paper place is close to the ear. This will prevent the heat from getting too close to the child. 


Numerous parents will tell you that routinely using ear candles for children in their household has made a huge difference. It has reduced ear infections and in some children, they have stopped complaining about a buzzing in their ears. Chronic ear infections can cause the child to lose sleep, to miss school, and to have a great deal of pain. Ear candles are a better option if they help than for the child to be taking antibiotics which the body can become immune to.

Many children find the procedure to be soothing as well as relaxing. It can help them to feel better and that is what many parents are after. One of the old wives tales is to blow smoke in a child’s ear when they have signs of an infection in it. This candling process is similar. The smoke can help to dry out ears that may be wet inside and that wetness is often what agitates children. 

The outcome can vary for each child though so you will have to see what occurs for your own children. Make sure you use quality made ear candling for kids so that you get the best possible results.